is epoxy flake flooring smooth

Is Epoxy Flake Flooring Smooth?

If you’re looking for highly durable flooring for your property, consider epoxy flake flooring. Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic and high-weight loads. Its color also does not fade over time.

Aside from these assets, epoxy flake flooring is trendy because of two aesthetic values: customizability and uniqueness. You can choose a base coat in any color or pattern to suit your taste. The mica flake blends create a particularly distinct texture and color.

Choosing the best flake flooring can be difficult, but EMC Concrete Coatings is here to guide you to the best options for your needs.

Why Is Epoxy Flake Flooring So Strong?

The bond between a concrete surface and the resin top coat is strong epoxy flake flooring. When allowed to harden correctly, the top coat becomes a seamless surface that can withstand great stress.

Since epoxy flake flooring creates a smooth finish, moisture and debris cannot penetrate the top layer and wear down the porous concrete underneath. Furthermore, it contains no cracks or seams where mold can grow.

Where Can You Use Epoxy Flake Flooring?

Epoxy flake flooring suits industrial floors with high foot traffic and weight loads. Standard concrete surfaces can often crack under immense strain, creating unsightly damage and dangerous areas. Using epoxy flake flooring results in safer working conditions.

Aside from commercial areas, epoxy flake flooring is also suitable for residential areas with high foot traffic or areas experiencing harsh weather conditions. Garage floors and pool decks are some examples.

Benefits of Flake Flooring

Increases Property Value

A bare concrete floor is both unappealing to look at and prone to damage over time. A coating of epoxy flake flooring can instantly transform a concrete floor into a beautiful and functional space.

Aside from producing eye-catching patterns, epoxy flakes can reflect sunlight and create a remarkable shining effect.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy floor coating reduces cleaning time since the surface is moisture-proof and stain-resistant. You won’t need to worry about muddy footprints or grease stains if you have epoxy flake flooring on your garage floor.

Cleaning epoxy flake flooring is a breeze. You only need warm water and mild detergent to remove stains.


If you have pets or small children at home, you know how frustrating scratched floors can be. Even concrete floors are not immune to foot traffic damage. Over time, unprotected concrete floors can crack or chip under heavy foot traffic.

Since epoxy flake flooring is scratch-resistant, it is ideal for residential spaces such as patios, pool decks, and workshops.

Quick Application

We can complete our installation process for epoxy flake flooring in one day unless the area is more than 1,000 square feet. After application, we recommend that the site remains undisturbed for at least 48 hours to ensure complete drying. For high-traffic areas, we recommend at least seven days.

Our installation process has five steps:

  1. Cleaning and preparing the concrete floor
  2. Applying the primer surface
  3. Applying the first epoxy coating layer
  4. Sanding and finishing the first layer
  5. Applying the second and final epoxy coating layer

How Much Epoxy Flake Flooring Do I Need?

A gallon of 100% solids epoxy flooring coating is enough to cover 1,600 square feet with a 1mm coating. If you want a thicker surface, calculate the amount of epoxy flake flooring you need based on derivatives of 1,600:

  • 1 gallon of coating at 5 mm surface thickness: 320 square feet
  • 1 gallon of coating at 10 mm surface thickness: 160 square feet
  • 1 gallon of coating at 20 mm surface thickness: 80 square feet

Note that these calculations assume that the surface is perfectly flat. The amount can change depending on the surface level, surface substrate condition, and substrate type.

How Much Does Epoxy Flake Flooring Cost?

Calculating the cost of epoxy flake flooring depends on the paint quality and the application size. High-quality epoxy flake flooring generally costs around $8 per square foot. You can get the cost down to $2.50 per square foot if you buy in bulk.

Get the Best Epoxy Flake System from EMC Concrete Coatings

EMC Concrete Coatings carries only the best options for an epoxy flake coating. We offer a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns.

Our owner-operated business has been handling concrete coatings for over ten years in San Antonio, TX. We offer our customers a 24-month warranty that covers peeling, bubbling, lifting, or general product defects.

Call us at (210) 430-4181 for a free quote on epoxy flake flooring.

What are the benefits of coating my garage or patio floor?

There are a multitude of benefits to coating your concrete surface. Our prep phase will eliminate high spots or surface deficiencies through diamond grinding or shotblasting. In addition, our trained technicians will fill in any cracks, holes, or spalls on your concrete surface prior to any coating being placed. This ensures a smooth and uniform appearance throughout your slab. Concrete is very porous and can make stain removal difficult. With a high-performance coating installed, you will be able to remove otherwise tough stains with a spray of your water hose. And lastly, our floors look amazing! The garage is often overlooked when it comes to renovation/upgrades, but a professionally installed resinous coating will add $$$ to the value of your home.

How long does a typical installation take?
In most cases, our highly trained technicians can wrap up your residential project in as little as 2 days. We do offer a state of the art 1 day system, where you can walk on your new floor the next day, but we do not recommend these rapid cure systems during the summer months. Commercial projects and larger residential projects (1K sq. feet or more) can certainly take more time to complete. As always, our sales team will visit your site to take accurate measurements and offer a realistic timeframe.
Do you offer free on-site quotes?
Yes, we do. EMC Concrete Coatings always prefers to visit you at your project site to take
measurements and go over your coatings/color options. Our quotes are valid for 90 days and there is never any pressure. We are not here to make you feel uncomfortable or pressured. Our process is smooth and easy for everyone involved.
Can you give me a “ball-park” price over the phone?
Yes. However, this is not the way we prefer to quote jobs. Each project is unique and a
“standard 2 car garage” is going to be different for every homebuilder in town. Square footage’s, linear walls, garage aprons, and condition of the slab all play a very important role in providing you with an accurate quote. This simply cannot be done in a matter of seconds via a phone call or messenger.
How much does it cost to install a decorative coating on my garage floor?
A typical 2 car garage coatings installation in the greater San Antonio area will cost between $2’400 and $3’000. Our pricing is based on square footages and other aspects of the project, including the linear footage of any stem walls, aprons, or repair work.

Oversized or multi-car garages, patios, or other areas will result in higher priced estimates.

Do you use epoxy or polyurea for garage coatings?
We use all the above. Resinous coatings do not come in a one size fits all application. The
details and specs of each project will help our trained technicians determine what coating is best for your project. Typically, we use polyurea coatings for our garages and patio installations. However, shop floors and other commercia/residential spaces will call for epoxies, urethanes, or water-based materials. Rest assured, no matter which products we use, they are from reputable coatings manufacturers and TDS sheets are always available to our customers upon
Is this service affordable?
We are not the lowest priced team in town. We are also, certainly not the most expensive outfit on the block. Our pricing is determined by the costs of materials, inflation, demand, labor, and level of service. When choosing EMC Concrete Coatings, you have done yourself a great favor by hiring the best in the business. EMC does run specials throughout the calendar year for discounted floors and we always honor first responders, military, and front-line workers discounts.

Our team is always mindful of our customer’s budget. We are a locally owned and operated
small business, and we know the value of our hard-earned dollars and how much they mean to each one of us. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible pricing throughout the year. EMC honors our warranties, we show up on time, every time, and will go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied at the end of each project. If we miss the mark, we will rectify it. Simple as that.

Does my new floor come with a warranty?
Yes! We offer an excellent written warranty with all our floor coatings installations. Depending on which option you choose (stain, seal, epoxy/flake, solid color, or polish) the length of time will vary from 5 years to a limited lifetime homeowners’ warranty. We HONOR our warranties.
Who am I hiring if I choose EMC Concrete Coatings?
The best crew in town. From our brand-new trucks, wrapped-trailers, uniformed employees, and state of the art equipment – we are the best. Our technicians are certified and experienced installers. EMC is bonded, commercially insured, and experienced. Multiple professional references are available for commercial projects at any given time and our online reviews speak for themselves when it comes to our residential portfolio. You have made the right choice by calling the team at EMC Concrete Coatings. Most importantly, the owner of the company, Eric Calderon is personally involved in every project that comes through our door. Generally, Eric and his sales team will be the person you meet with at your project walk thru. You will then see Eric and his crew upon the day of installation. We never sub out our projects, our employees are in-house guys and Eric is there each step of the way to ensure maximum customer satisfaction!
(210) 430-4181